Questions about Articulate Studio 09

1.       How do I put an animated powerpoint slide into an engage interaction so that the animation actually works within the engage labelled diagram/guided image etc

2.       I have 8 modules for my course, within each module I have a few topics – can different engage interactions be used for each topic within a module

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Peter Anderson

Welcome to Heroes, Varsha!

  1. This older thread is full of good ideas for getting your PowerPoint animations into Engage.
  2. Are you asking if it's possible to insert multiple Engage interactions into the same presenter course? Sure, it's easy!
Hope that helps, and let us know if that covers your questions. Thanks!
Michelle Thomas

I have a question related to Studio '09 as well:

Is it possible to link from the notes/text area in PowerPoint?

Say you had a notes section and you were citing a source, like Google for instance. Would you be able to link within the notes area and have it link to the webpage after you publish? 

Jeanette Brooks

Hi Michelle! I'm sorry, PowerPoint doesn't support hyperlinks in the notes pane, so this isn't currently something that's possible. You could certainly place a hyperlink on the slide itself, however. If you decide to go that route, here's a good article to review, regarding the types of hyperlinks that Presenter supports.