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Mar 22, 2012

I'm trying to show three 'notepads' with a 'to do list' that changes over three days - which I hope to save as one image. The Engage Guided Image template will then be used to point to different parts to show how the to do list changes and parts are checked off.

I only have a free image editing package. Can anyone advise as to whether I can get an image large enough to view the text  or is the image a fixed size in this Engage interaction?

Also, maybe I would be better off using powerpoint in presenter and 'building up' an animation?


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Susan  Parnell

Hi Rebecca

This is an example of the text amount per note. There are then three notes.

Checklist for Wednesday:

1. Finish writing essay today so that I can check it tomorrow before submitting the following day (Thursday)

2. Read guidelines for Friday’s practical

3. Renew library books due tomorrow

4. Find out best place to get coffee after Friday’s lecture

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Susan,

I put together an Engage Guided Image interaction and played around with it. I originally thought about using a handwriting typeface for the steps, but because of the size of the graphic, it wasn't very clear in Engage, so I went back to a standard typeface.

I'm not sure exactly what your idea was of course, so this may be off the mark. But it certainly was legible (at least on my monitor (1024x768 resolution). By the way, I clicked on Interaction Properties and set the graphic to 85%, which is the max.

The problem with using Engage is this, at least with what I've done: the Learners will see what all 3 days of the checklist look like at once, even though each individual day looks different. With a PowerPoint/Presenter setup you could avoid this.

I've attached a screen capture (and left it at original size) so you can see what I've done. If this is what you had in mind, I'd be happy to make a Screenr about it. Or perhaps someone has another thought.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Poornima,

I really liked your calendar idea, but I did it a little differently...I used Stephanie's morphing idea (check it out here if you haven't seen's SO cool: and had the calendar morph through the desktop. Y'all can see the results here

Tx for the great ideas. Really got the creative juices flowing!

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