Engage interaction doesn't advance when I'm done

Dec 28, 2010

Even when I have completed all of the steps. I get a dialog that says "You must complete all of the steps..."  It works fine in Firefox but not in IE.

Any ideas?

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Tom Kuhlmann

I have seen this issue occur when a step didn't get a chance to completely load. For example, if you get to a slide that contains and Engage interaction & just click the next arrows quickly through it, then the steps won't register as viewed.

If this is an issue that is happening on a consistent basis even after clearing your cache and cookies, you might want to try the following workaround:

You may be able to reduce the duration of a step by modifying your published output. Please note that the steps below are not supported by Articulate: 

  1. Publish your presentation > Click Open Folder 
  2. Open the Data folder 
  3. Open the SWF folder 
  4. Open the Engage folder for that particular interaction 
  5. Open the engage_content folder 
  6. Open the data.xml file in a program like Notepad 
  7. In the first line, you'll see this:  "autoplayduration="5" Change the number from 5 to 1.  (note: You can change this number to 0 as well.) 
  8. Save the file & test your presentation. 
You can learn more here: Changing Default Timings In Engage - Daveperso’s Articulate eLearning Blog

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