Engage Player color scheme not previewing/publishing

I need a hero!

Working on a project with many Engage interactions. I changed the color scheme in all to Blue Medium. Thumbnail shows correctly, but in about 90% the color scheme stayed the same. I adopted this project in order to clean up so I did not create the original Engage files. Photo shows thumbnail, and last pic is preview. Help.

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Greg Davis

Thank you for the link. I had already activated the "Update Quizmaker/Engage" from the publish tab under Presentation Options. Still, I clicked on and off and republished to no avail.

I hate to remove and reinsert the Engage interactions because I have done so much work on this 166 slide presentation that I will lose my slide properties and settings.

Any thoughts?

Greg Davis

Brian, thanks for the offer, but I was able to solve the problem. This was just a weird glitch.

I solved the problem by going into Engage clicking on the Interaction Properties, clicking OK and then saving. Once I did that, and published, it published properly. I tested only a few and those were the only ones that published using the assigned color scheme.

Thanks - Greg