I have an Engage  FAQ slide with ten slides. Currently, the viewer cannot navigate away from the slide unless he/she goes over all questions.  How can I make it possible to navigate away from the slide without having to go over all questions? to make it a sort of reference FAQ page. In the Player Templates>Navigation the User Navigation is set to: Free-user can view slides in any order. please help.



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Anton!

I believe you're referring to something more along the lines of adding the user's name to the actual score and results slide, similar to how you would add it using a variable in Storyline. Is that right? 

If so, it's currently only possible to allow learners to enter their name on the Print Results page, as Leslie mentioned earlier. If you'd like to see this as an option in the future, it wouldn't hurt to reach out to our development team with a request.

We also cannot support the modification of output files. If this is something that's been accomplished by other community members, perhaps they could help you out. I would recommend starting a new thread, with a topic-specific title, so others will know what you're trying to accomplish and can chime in with some suggestions. 

I hope this helps!