How to embedd an engage interaction into a SharePoint page

Nov 24, 2011

Hi all,

I've created an engage interaction using the glossary feature to provide an interactive guide to our new sharepoint site.

I have worked out how to upload the files, and link to them from an image so that the engage interaction plays, however it opens in a completely new full size window with a white background.  What I would like to do is play the interaction within the page itself (the way an embedded youtube video works).  Is that possible, and if so, what do I need to do?

I published the files for the web.

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Heidi Atwood

Sorry to reply to such an old post, but I'm stuck on an issue related to this topic. I have an Engage interaction linked to from a Page Viewer Web Part on a SharePoint site. The navigation menu for the site disappears behind the content in the PVWP. My support team tells me it's something wrong with the content, i.e. the Engage interaction, that is making it behave this way. I don't see anything the interaction properties that would allow me to control this, however. Has anyone experienced this issue and knows how to fix it? Thank you.

Nicola Redfearn

Here's how I set mine up

first I published Engage interation as standalone interaction.

In SharePoint

1. Go to the page that you want to add the engage interaction to.
2. Click on View all site content
3. Create a new document library - name it the same as your engage interaction (without spaces.  E.g I've named my folder "wheretostart"
4. Click on Actions - Open with Windows explorer
5. In the pop up window carefully copy the files over for your engage interaction.  I've found it best not to copy the whole thing all at once, but to create each folder, then copy the files over

6. In the root of your document library you should have
a folder called "engage-content" that contains most of the files of your interaction
and two files called "engage"
7.  Click on the the name of engage file that has the Internet explorer icon next to it
select properties - then copy the URL from the information given.

e.g. mine is http://companyintranet/learningdevelopment/wheretostart/engage.html

8. Go back to the page that you want to display the engage interaction.
9. Open the page up for editing
10. Click on "Add a Webpart"
11. Choose "Page Viewer Webpart"
12. For the page viewer webpart - select "Edit", then "Modify this webpart
13. In the box under Link
14. Copy and paste your URL that you collected earlier.
15. Under the Appearance tab set the height and width
I've got mine set to 570 pixels hight and 770 pixels wide
I have Chrome type set to "none"
16. Click "Apply" then "OK"

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