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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Rhonda!

This does occur by default, and a way around this would be to put an audio-only label first

Making an audio-only marker

To make an audio-only marker, mark the Audio Only box in the Audio panel. The Text and Media panels will become grayed out. If you change your mind, uncheck the Audio Only box.

Marcelo G

I tried the audio-only solution provided above but is does not work for me because still shows the marker and the marker title (even if I leave the title field empty).

I found that the first label in Articulate 9 label graphic interactions does not show automatically.

For example:


I opened the first label graphic interaction in this link and the first label did not open automatically. Then I imported this interaction from Articulate 13 and still the first label did not open! I could use this interaction as base to create my presentation but is there any way I can prevent the first label from opening without doing all this?

Also the markers in Articulate 9 are nice and small and when I import the interaction in Articulate 13 the markers become gigantic. I found this is the normal size in Articulate 13. Is there a way to reduce the size of the markers in 13?

Last, when I use numbered icons for markers the numbers are not centered. This does not look very good. Is there a way to center the numbers?

Thank you!!



Leslie McKerchie

Hi Marcelo! Thanks for sharing your findings and your solution as well. If you would like to share your thoughts on marker size with our development team, you may do so here.

As far as the numbers being off-center, this is an issue that has been filed with our QA Team for review and I will add this thread for their awareness and so that I can provide an update when applicable.

Marcelo G

Thanks Leslie for your reply but is there any way I can prevent the first label from opening without doing all that? Maybe articulate can develop a template in which the first label text does not open automatically and make it available for people to use? I would try to avoid importing a project from Articulate 09 into 13 if possible. Thank you.

Marcelo G

For example if you see the interaction in this page:


When the interaction opens, the information label text automatically shows. Is there a way to execute this interaction preventing any label text from starting automatically? (to have the clean graphic when you start)

Thank you,

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Marcelo! I sent you an e-mail on your support case on 6/3/15, but based on the response that I just saw perhaps you did not get it. I wanted to pop in here and let you know that I've sent a subsequent e-mail today so you can be on the lookout. It will come from support@articulate.com and if you do not see it, please check your spam folder.

Anthony Chubb

Hi Leslie,

I made it white and pushed it into the corner. However, a small border still exists.


This is a recurring issue - I have a number of slides where the first label opens automatically. Is there no other way to stop this? I don't want to have to put strange dots on my slides.

Alternatively, how do I remove the outline?


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