Is Engage a useless product at the moment?

Apr 27, 2015

A lot of people have been having issues with publishing Engage content within a Presenter presentation where Volumes are signifiacntly different to the other Powerpoint slide Audio levels.  This has been like this for well over 3 months.

There are many discussions all relating to the same thing with the same reply, "it's with the QA team".....  Other options offered are to adjust all the volumes manually...!  ok for a few interactions but what about 100's of them?

At present Engage is useless to us as we cannot publish our training programs (we develop with Articulate tools) until a fix is produced.

This needs to be escalated and a fix supplied as keeping good customers waiting this long is simply unfair.

Does anyone else want to add their voice to this issue to see if can be escalated to someone who can act upon this?

Thank you, 

Graham Francis



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