Audio volume louder in engage slides

Nov 21, 2013

Hi guys,

Unusual one for you today. We are noticing a slight increase in audio volume in engage slides when published into a presenter 13 presentation. As in, the normal presenter slides play as normal at one volume, & when the player advances to the engage slide, the volume is higher. Its not a huge difference, but enough to be noticeable. We have verified that theres no problem with the original audio files, & has been noticed independently by several people. Im wonder if this is intentional, & if there is a way to turn this off or is it a bug?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Patrick,

Did you set the volume levels differently for the Engage audio (from within the Engage set up)? That would be the only thing I could think of. Also, if the Engage audio was recorded separately it could be an issue with changes in how it was recorded. There is some discussion in this thread about how to normalize audio levels if that would help you. 

Patrick O'Connor

Hi Ashley,

All audio is pre processed before importing into either presenter or engage, & is already normalised. Volume levels are the same when the audio tracks are played independently of the articulate suite.

The only thing were doing with the files in presenter/engage is importing them. Were not using the inbuilt audio editor at all. But when those files are published there is a noticeable difference in audio levels on the files inside the engage, like its boosting the audio level slightly.



stella abesin

Hi Leslie,

Myself and colleagues are experiencing the same issue  - the audio is noticeably louder in Engage than it is in Presenter and Quizmaker. We are having to manually reduce the audio by around 40% via the Engage audio editor. This happens when we build a new presentation and when we upgrade a Studio 09 presentation to Studio 13. The audio is recorded and edited externally from Engage and all plays at the same volume level outside of Articulate. Is this something Articulate are looking in to as seems like it could be an Engage issue? Thanks.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Kevin and all,

I was unable to find any of the support cases for the previous comments that contained files that were tested - mainly I was looking for S P's case, since no case number was shared.

I did some additional digging in our Quality Assurance database and I was finally able to find an active test case for this issue. In doing so, I was able to find S P's support case (#00391685 for my reference) and I was able to confirm that we're currently testing this issue. 

It also looks like this thread as already been included in the report, so we'll be able to update the thread when we have more information on the issue. 

For anyone experiencing this issue, please share your package files with us as requested previously. The more we can share with our QA team, the better! :)

Thank you very much,


Erik Savage
For the record, exact same problem here..... beta test much? 

email response from case submital...

Hi Erik,Thanks for contacting Articulate Support and for sharing your project file.We have reviewed your project file and we were able to duplicate your issue. I have submitted your case to our Quality Assurance team for their review. I cannot offer a time frame for when or if this issue will be resolved but I will keep you posted.Just reply to this email if you need more help. Regards, Rowie BarcelonaCustomer Support EngineerArticulate Support

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