Audio volume louder in engage slides

Nov 21, 2013

Hi guys,

Unusual one for you today. We are noticing a slight increase in audio volume in engage slides when published into a presenter 13 presentation. As in, the normal presenter slides play as normal at one volume, & when the player advances to the engage slide, the volume is higher. Its not a huge difference, but enough to be noticeable. We have verified that theres no problem with the original audio files, & has been noticed independently by several people. Im wonder if this is intentional, & if there is a way to turn this off or is it a bug?



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Kevin Freeborn

I am having the same problem.  We are using Windows 8.1.  This is new with Presenter 13 as I went back to output from Presenter 09 and their is not an issue with the volume being louder for Engage and Quiz interactions.

I also went to to the output for the new file and played the audio files and they are all at a consistent volume.  So that would have me believe something is happening during the publishing - just a guess.

Also, when I am in Presenter and I select "edit in Engage" and preview the Engage slide while it in this edit state and then compare it to the other Presenter slides they are equal in volume.  But when I return to Presenter and preview the Engage slide and a Presenter slide I can hear the difference in volume.

Kevin Freeborn

Christine Hendrickson said:

Hi A and Kevin,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for stopping by and sharing this information. 

We appreciate it!

We'll be sure to share updates here as soon as we have more information. 



You are most welcome.  I would add one more thing to help in the quest to fix this bug.  I went back to listen again today and in my case it seems that the problem only occurs with the Engage (not Quizzes). 

I don't know if this is happening with every installation of Studio 13.  If not can anyone post a configuration that is working properly?  For example, if I install on a computer with a different OS; or perhaps un-install and re-install would it make a difference.  Hope that makes some sense.

Any help would be appreciated because we have many courses and the labour cost to fix them by changing the volume of the audio in all of the Engage interactions is going to be high.  I also worry that when the bug is fixed we might have to go back and try to adjust the volume again.

Evelyn Hamm

Hello @all,

the Articulate Support answerd this to me:

We're currently investigating this where audio for Articulate Engage interactions embedded in an Articulate Presenter course is a bit louder than the rest of the course.

One possible workaround is to increase the volume on the Presenter '13 slides using the Audio Editor.  You can refer to the 'Changing the volume' portion of this tutorial for more details:

Maybe that will help you, if you aren't able to increase the audio in another audio-editor-tool.



David Ellenwood

So, this issue was originally raised in November of 2013. This issue costs my company time and money every week because of the extra labor required for our audio folks to tweak the volume for engage slides. It's a nightmare when we are dealing with voice talent and have to sort through audio files and change the volume. It's not a small thing and has cost us many hours of extra labor. It really seems like a YEAR should be enough time to fix something like this. Please provide an update on your progress in fixing this bug.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi David!

As I shared above, this issue is still in the hands of our QA Team so I have no update to provide.

This thread has been shared with them and is flagged for update when applicable.

One possible workaround is to increase the volume on the Presenter '13 slides using the Audio Editor. You can refer to the 'Changing the volume' portion of this tutorial for more details.

Graham Francis

Hi Leslie...  So one of the suggested workarounds is to edit all volume levels in all engage interactions to then match the volume levels of slide Audio....  That's all very well especially if we all do this for our files (I've got hundreds of exchange interactions!!!) and then the next update to Articulate 'fixes' the issue and all of our engage output is then quieter than the slides....!!!!    This is quite a big issue as isn't this something that should have been picked up in the Beta testing of updates?  It seems that everyone is noticing this and need this addressed with the uppermost importance and speed.

Graham Francis

Thanks Leslie, with this in mind - do I suspend all production activity on training material until a fix has been produced?  As this has been documented, is there any kind of acknowledgement back from the QA team i.e. "Yep, we can fix in ten minutes" or "Hmmm, no idea - let's think about it for a while"?   ANY feedback re: response times would be awesome as my companies planned rollout of new courses has now stopped until a fix is available :-S

Leslie McKerchie

Hi again Graham!

I popped in with an update since I did not know when I would hear back with an update, but it was faster than I thought :)

Unfortunately, it does not assist in your timeline question as I still do not have a timeline to provide. I now understand that this feature would require us to optimize our audio in our output, and we are actively working to improve audio support in Presenter courses. We'll post additional information here as it becomes available.


Graham Francis

Hi Leslie and all you others in this thread....  I have another piece of information to be passed to the Q/A team...    When published, the output has the volume issue in the Flash version but NOT HTML5 ....   The result being, if I up the volumes of the slides to match the Engage output it sounds ok on the PC (with Flash) but not on the iPad...   Can you let the Q/A team know please?

For our own reasons, we can;t use the Mobile player on the iPad and must use HTML5

Cheers, Graham

Kevin Harris


This has been a painstaking process but what our team does is for each individual engage file we go into each audio file and edit it down 40%. That way if this does ever get fixed we still have our original audio files with the correct audio volume. i think this is ridiculous for the amount of time, money , and people who have reported it that this is still an issue but at least you can make some files work (even if it does take way  more time than it should)

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