Is it possible to Change the Tab Numbers in process Interaction?


I'm trying to create a lesson about alphabets in another language. Is it possible to change the number buttons on the process interaction menu? That is , instead of the buttons on process interaction menu below showing 1,2,3... I'd like them to show the letters of the alphabet.

If its not possible, which type of engage interaction would you use to teach the alphabet?

Thanks in advance


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Leah Hemeon

Hi Yvonne,

I'm not sure if you can customize the process interaction like that so I'll let someone else jump in on that piece. What about the Glossary interaction. It uses letters to let you sort the glossary entries. You could add one entry for each letter and the alphabet bar would be active.

Do you think this could work?

Good luck!

Yvonne Mbanefo

Hi Leah,

I eventually decided to use FAQ. It looks ok though. Any suggestions are still welcome.

I used the glossary interaction initially but because the English alphabet was showing across the top,

i decided not to use it as the lesson I'm creating is to teach the alphabet in another language .

Katie Nelson

I have a similar question.  Is there any way to adjust the "button" size for each step on the "process engage" like you can Tabs?  I am having trouble with students not seeing the buttons and gettting frustrated because they can't figure out how to do the training.  I looked under Interactions properties but didn't see anything.

Jeanette Brooks

Hiya Katie - there isn't currently an option for changing the size of the buttons on a Process interaction...maybe it would help if you include a brief Introduction on your interaction, with some on-screen and/or audio instructions telling learners where the buttons are and how to navigate through?