Linking Problems in Articulate Studio Pro 2013

Feb 10, 2015

When I am in an engage I have several website links that I want to use (they are .pdf documents that are located in the companies website).  I highlight the text (e.g. Phase I ESA) and click on hyperlink icon within the engage.  A window appears and I am finding the following happening:

1.  There is already a weblink in there (usually the weblink is from a previous document I have linked to either in the current engage or from another slide).  There also is no "X" mark to clear it, so I usually have to manually delete it and then place the correct link in there.  When I go to publish sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't

What am I doing wrong?  Also, the project I am working on use to be in Articulate Studio pro 2009 and it is now in 2013.



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Ruth!

Are you following the instruction here on how to add those hyperlinks? You are linking to a web page correct, as linking to files is not supported.

What do you mean that sometimes it doesn't work?

You're testing the published output in the correct environment as explained here, right?

Testing locally or previewing may not work as you expect.

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