New articulate flipbook, stairstep and Carousel not working


I have a licensed  copy of Articulate 09. I have downloaded the new flipbook, stairstep and Carousel interactions. All these interactions got downloaded as articulate package.  However, after clicking the package although it says that the interaction has been successfully installed, i could not see it in the menu on the right hand side when i open articulate.

Can anyone please help?

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Anu Ashwat


I have a licensed copy of Articulate 09.  I have dowloaded all the the three new interactions (flipbook, stairs and flashcards).  I built a new interaction in the flipbook.  However when I go the ppt file and try to add that interaction from the Articulate>Engage Interaction, I do not see anything..nothing happens.  Pls advise.

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Brian Batt

Hi Anu & welcome to Heroes,

Can you please clarify the issue that you're having?  When you click on the Engage interaction button, do you get a pop up window with the option to "Create New" or "Add Existing" interactions?  If nothing at all happens, then it sounds like you need to install Visual Basic for Applications per the method described in the link below:

Peter Anderson

Hi Scott!

The Flipbook interaction allows users to step through a series of related content pages in the metaphor of a book or instruction manual. You can download and install it directly into Engage in a few easy steps... and it's free! Once installed, you'll see for yourself how easy it is to use:

Download link:

Scott Shapiro

I have Flipbook installed and functioning.  What I do not have is documentation for the Interaction.  What can be done with it?

So questions like:

    Can the stage be resized?  What is the size of the default output (meaning dimensions)?  If I am placing this interaction somewhere, what size will it be?  Critical item.  Since I am loading text from a document (it would be nice to have Flipbook builder open a doc inline!!), I can't get things lined up not knowing what I have as a stage.  Can't resize the stage it seems like.  Plz help!!

   This is a cool interaction, but I don't see a batch load function (or is everything loaded manually)?  This could be a great way to look at user manuals, magazines, newsletters, e-zine, etc.  For my company, the user guides and documentation roll-outs are critical.  But manually loading?

Great potential for a real eLearning home run!  I can't recommend buying huge volumes of this product unless there is a payoff.  Right now, it looks very BETA. I could be wrong, so please chime in if so.  I want this to work!  Believe me.

Thank you.

Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Carol!

After you download the .artkpkg file, just double-click it to install.

Next time you open Engage to create a new interaction, choose Community Interactions and then select Flipbook

It should look like this:

I hope this helps! Let us know if you're still unable to find the interaction.