Publish Engage to Word

Hello - I'm having an issue publishing an Engage 360 file to Word (I have Office 365). After I click the Publish button, the file hangs on the first screen "Preparing to Publish" and never does anything. I've let it go as long as 30 minutes before I cancel it and the progress bar never shows up. 

Any idea what's happening? My file is attached. Thanks!

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Emily Lloyd

I have also rebooted my computer, closed all Microsoft files, made sure all Windows and Articulate updates were installed. It still won't work. 

A team member of mine was able to get a test file working last week, but now he's no longer able to get that file to publish to word either. 

I am able to get Engage files to publish to Review 360. 

Vincent Scoma

Hi Emily, 

Thank you for reaching out and for sharing your file! 

I tried to publish your file to a Word Document, but I am encountering the same issue you are experiencing. There does appear to be an issue here, so I have gone ahead and opened up a case for you with our Support Engineers. Please be on the lookout for an email from Articulate Support! 

Please let me know if you have any questions about this! 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Emily,

Thanks for your patience while our team worked on a hotfix for Studio 360 that fixes a couple of issues where Engage interactions wouldn't import into Storyline or publish to Word. You'll see that noted in our release notes here, and you can download the latest update within the Articulate 360 desktop app.