Restricted navigation won't let user advance from labeled graphic

I have 8 markers on a labeled graphic and I would like users to be able to advance to next slide at any time, without making them view every circle. There is no audio on the markers, however the timeline still shows a timeline of 40 seconds in the published file. Does Engage add a 5 sec default timeline to each marker?

Because I have navigation set to restricted -  it won't allow users to advance to next slide until that 40 seconds is complete. Is there a work around to this? I set properties so user can leave the engage at any time, and I have the Next slide command in place. Still get the pop up that you may only view slides that you have already viewed. Please help!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Debbie,

The restriction navigation (of Presenter) will override any settings you have within the Engage interaction. You may want to look at locking individual slides, instead of the entire course as described here and then your Engage interaction could be navigated through more freely. You could also put the Engage interaction on a Player tab instead of within a slide and then just include a reminder to users to access it at a predetermined point. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Joanna, 

It sounds like you have the opposite problem as Debbie - her slides were set to restricted, and yours are not. 

You can set up the Engage interaction to be able to skip through all the steps, as described below, although you can't change it so that this behavior only occurs if they revisit the interaction.

  • Allow user to leave interaction: This determines whether users can move to a different slide in your presentation without viewing everything in your interaction. For instance, in a Steps interaction you might want to require the user to view everything before they move on. But for something like a Glossary interaction, that would probably be goofy to require users to view the entire thing before leaving the interaction.
  • Show 'Next Slide' button:  This enables a button at the top of your interaction that allows users to jump out of the interaction and on to the next slide in your presentation. Use the dropdown to tell Presenter if and when you want the button to appear.