showing the Notes tab in a slide with Engage interaction

Jun 03, 2013

I have a slide that has an Engage interaction, but the slide also has a Notes tab with some text content in it.  When the user clicks the Notes tab, the information appears behind the interaction where it can't be seen.  Could someone tell me if there's a way for the Notes tab to appear on top of the Engage interaction?  Thanks!

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Jada Olson

Hi Leslie,

I wasn't specific enough in my question, I guess.  The issue was, we had the notes tab enabled for the entire course, through that player option as you mentioned above, but when you reached an Engage slide, the notes tab would vanish, just for that slide, then reappear on the following plain PPT slides.

I eventually found a way to turn the notes on specifically for the Engage slide through the Custom option on the Slide Properties menu, but it wasn't a very intuitive location to find it.

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