Sound issue with Conversation interaction in Engage

Dec 12, 2017

Hello all,

I am building an online course using Powerpoint, Presenter 360, and Engage Interaction. 

One of the interactions I am using with Engage Interaction is the Conversation interaction.

However, we have noticed an issue with overlapping audio using the conversation interaction - this occurs if the student presses Next to reach the next part of the conversation before it's done playing the current part..... the original audio continues playing, on top of the new audio, rather than simply skipping ahead to the new audio outright, which is what happens with all other Engage interactions in the course.

Is there an easy way to fix this?



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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there James,

I appreciate you bringing this to our attention--I don't see that this has been reported yet! I created a quick test file in Engage 360, and sure enough, the audio overlaps if the user clicks the next button too quickly in the HTML5 output. The Flash output seems to be working normally.

I'm going to share this with my team so we can start looking at a solution. I'll keep you posted on any updates I receive. 

Thanks again for letting us know what's going on, and I'm really sorry if it's causing you headaches.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Joanne!

Thanks for checking in! We are still investigating this bug where the conversation interaction overlaps in Engage 360. This bug has not made it onto our roadmap yet as we are prioritizing other features and fixes. We'll let you know when this bug is targeted for a fix!

We still want to help you with your project! Is it possible for you to share your Engage Interaction with us privately? If so, here's a secure upload link. We'll take a look to investigate a workaround!

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