Storing Engage (and Quizmaker) files elsewhere for users to view

Hi, this is my first post I have a PowerPoint file that contains Engage and Quizmaker interactions. Usually I would create the Engage and QM interactions, then publish the PowerPoint so I have a nice Articulated presentation.  When I save the source files, usually you  need to package all the files together in one zip file.  To post the presentation, I need to post all of the files in the exact folder structure so that everything works.  My question is, can I put the published Quizmaker and Engage files somewhere else, so that multiple presentations can use them by linking to their URL?  Or do I have to use the exact link to the file itself?  Is there any documentation about this somewhere?  Thanks so much! I am using Articulate '09 and we are working with Windows 7 and Windows XP operating systems.

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Mary Ann Kowalczyk (Hagemann)

So once I articulate the PowerPoint file (including the Quizmaker and Engage files), I have to keep the actual quizmaker/engage files in the same structure that is generated when publishing.  I cannot Generate the QM and E files, save them somewhere  then somehow link to them when I re-publish?  My contractor was asking about this so I will get some more clarifiation. I just wanted to get some more info before I met with her.  Thanks!

Justin Wilcox

Hi Mary Ann.

From my perspective there really isn't a lot of value to keeping the Engage interactions and Quizmaker quizzes separate. Linking to external content is distracting and you lose a lot of the functionality Pete alluded to earlier that you get from incorporating them into each presentation directly.

What you would ideally do is create your quizzes and your  interaction files and then add them through the Presenter menu and publish them for each individual presentation.