Syncing audio with text and image in Engage 13

Feb 17, 2016


I regularly user SL2 to build my courses. But presently for a client I am using Articulate Studio 13. Have some previous experience in Studio 9 though.

Just some simple questions on Engage:

1. Can multiple images be added into a engage interaction slide, not multiple slides in the interaction like accordion, tabs etc.?

2. Can audio be synced to the text/images in the Engage Interaction, using Engage or Presenter? If yes, how?

Thanks & Regards,


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Sandeep Mattathil

Hi Christie,

Thanks for your reply.

What it mentions is about Animation Styles for the interaction. But how can
make sure that the text appears only with the respective audio? There is no
instructions which guide us to animate each text/sentence with the audio.

Please help us though this.

Thanks & Regards,

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Sandeep -- I appreciate your reply and thanks so much for the additional details on what you are hoping to accomplish. 

While I am not aware of a way to necessarily animate each text/sentence with audio, you could try something similar to the sample file I have attached. Please preview it to see how it would function. There, you will see that each "note" has its own audio, and all you would need to do is click on each item and add audio to it individually and then repeat for each item. Please see below:

If you would like to share your .intr file and the audio you would like to use, I would be happy to take a closer look if you would like. 

Sandeep Mattathil

Hi Christie,


Thanks for your reply.

What you said is possible if there is only 1 point in the interaction. Like for example: In the Bulletin Board interaction, for the 1st note, there are 4 points. Can each point appear based on the corresponding audio.

I went through the previous discussion questions raised by someone and noted that it was not possible in Engage. Has the status changed?



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