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Jun 06, 2018

I'm using Engage to generate an Accordion. The labels for the accordion tabs are oriented such that the label text begins at the bottom of the tab and concludes at the top (so it reads from bottom to top). Is there a way to reverse the direction so the label reads from top to bottom of the tab?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Robert,

The Engage accordion is set to only show the text from bottom to top. 

Are you using Articulate 360 or an earlier version of Engage? If you're using 360, you may want to look at building this in Storyline, as there are a lot more options there to fully customize the set up! For example, take a look at these 9 Accordion Interaction Downloads.

Robert Schiedler

Thanks, I downloaded one of the templates and will use that in the future. I was using Engage to build this simply because we've been encouraged to use various tools, but it seems like using Storyline is almost always the better way to go.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

The really cool thing about Articulate 360 is that you have access to all the tools, and can choose to use the one that fits your needs at that moment. When you're stuck on which one to use, go through this checklist. 

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