The last FAQ interaction advances automatically after a few second

Oct 18, 2011




I have a problem – by reading comments on the Forum, I see that there it seems to be a bug in the Engage software.  However, that does not help me. 


I am using FAQ interaction in the Engage.  Everything works fine except when I click on the last interaction (or line) in the FAQ, the interaction advances automatically to the next slide after a few seconds.  I don’t want this to happen since I want users to advance to the next slide by clicking on the navigation buttons.  Since I need to have previous/next button in the FAQ interaction, I can’t input extra time so it does not advances automatically.  FYI - I built the whole course and it is ready to be shown to the client.


Any work around this problem?  I’d appreciate your help.



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Beverly Scruggs

I'm having the same problem. In my project I have 1 Tab, 2 FAQ, and 3 Labeled Graphic interactions, and all are set to advance by user. The Tab one works fine, but all the Labeled Graphic and FAQ interactions move automatically to the next slide as soon as the last marker in the interaction is clicked. Is there another answer to this issue? Thanks for the help!

Beverly Scruggs


I'm not sure what's going on. When I opened the project again today, I previewed it to make sure the interactions were still acting goofy. Now they're working fine! Not sure what happened, but it maybe you scared it into working correctly.

Thanks for the fast response and offer to help. I'll probably need it again soon!

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