very worried-- getting strange "publish to short output" message

Jun 09, 2011

ok, here's the deal-- i have been slaving over a 4 module series.  been backing up on an external drive.  made some changes today to one of them.  started a new session, opened an engage file then was told "can't open"... oh dear.  i re-name as v4 and close.  i re-open new v4 file.  i open interaction in engage directly.  then attempt to re-publish back into the open ppt.  no luck-- am told i must publish to a "shorter output..."   I tried publishing to the desktop but engage file doesn't work.

am a bit at sea as to what to do next.  i've done "save as" for main ppt file.  i still have the engage interaction file but have no idea how to re-insert into the mail file as i keep getting "must publish to shorter.." biz.

any ideas?

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Bob S


Is that a dreaded path-length problem? 

If you add up the total path length (including all the nested folders which is usually the killer) maybe it's over the character limit?

Try saving as new right to the desktop. The same with the interactions, rename and save to desktop. Publish everything from there to test it out.

Hope this helps,

Bud Keegan

here's what i did: renamed pres & saved to desktop, renamed interaction & saved to desktop, removed old interaction, inserted new one and published all to desktop... publishing still gives me the "shorter output" error... sigh.  not a big deal as i can rebuild the interaction.  but still a worry-- wonder what would have caused the corruption, as all things being equal, nothing changed that i could think of... hmmmm

Bud Keegan

my big concern is that i have three other major modules-- all in the same location.  i worry that if i try to do anything with them i'll wind up with the same problem because of this location/short output situation (which i still don't understand)... and i need to complete these mods this week.  i have backed up in external drives but would have to rebuild a couple of phases back.

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