Video quality

I have several video clips that I want to include in an engage interaction.  They are recorded on an HD video camera.  When I convert them to a format that articulate will recognise I lose resolution. I have tried converting them to .flv, mpeg4 and using the articulate video encoder.  I have seen crisp videos in other peolples articulate presentations - how do you do it?  When I play the .flv files or mpeg4 files unpublished they are fine.  Am I doing something wrong with the publishing settings?

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Justin Wilcox

Follow the steps in "How To Prevent Scaling Your PNG Files" to see if they help:

I would also recommend using a bitrate calculator to determine your audio and video bitrates. The higher the video bitrate, the higher the quality but  you have to keep in mind that a very large, high quality movie will have trouble playing well over the internet. Sometimes you need to sacrifice quality for bandwidth considerations.