When Adding Content in Tabs in Engage...A Noise is Made

Dec 22, 2011


It seems that every key I press on the keyboard, makes a noise as I am trying to add content to the content area in Tabs -Engage.  Does anyone know what to do to avoid this?  Despite the noise, I keep adding text and the content continues to be added onto the page.  Any suggestions?  Thanks!


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Peter Anderson

Hi Helena!

I can't reproduce this on my end. Would you like to upload the .INTR file for the interaction you want us to review? You can do that here:


And one of our support engineers would be happy to take a look at what you're experiencing. It may be helpful to reproduce the issue in a screencast, which you can record here:


After creating your case, please feel free to leave your case number here so I can follow it personally. Thanks!

Helena Froyton

Hi Peter,

Thank you for your e-mail.  I have not found an answer to this and have just submitted to you the Engage Tab file and  a screencast describing the noise I have been getting.  Both of these items have the subject as When Adding Content in Tabs in Engage...A Noise is Made.  I look forward to receiving your solution to this.  Thank you.


Helena Froyton

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