Why are all sounds in Engage and Quizmaker converted to mono?

I am working on an e-learning project for teaching critical listening to sound and music.

I found out after(!) buying the package that you can import audio in stereo into the presenter but

whatever i try i cannot get the audio files to playback in stereo when i use Engage and Quizmaker.

Yes! I changed the audio settings in Engage and Quizmaker to Custom (Advanced) with 160 kbps bitrate!

That was also a very frustrating experience to found out that i had push the publish button to get the audio settings saved.

Is this really true that i cannot work in stereo? Or is there a way to get it?

If it's not possible then i bought the wrong program.

Plz help!

Hodge from Korea

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Bob S

Hi Hodge,

Sounds like a fun project. In a former life, I spent years teaching critical listening and demonstration skills(high-end stereo and home theater). Things like soundstaging, inner detail, dynamic range, tonal balance, dispersion, etc.

I mention thisonly because in all the years I was involved in that we never found a way to reliably teach those skills in an online setting. The variables with the learners sound cards, pc speaker quality, speaker placement, etc  etc were too much to overcome.

The closest we ever came to reliable distance learning for such topics, was to create a demonstration disc with chapters the learner would play on a real stereo system (hopefully well set up and dialed in!). You might consider using an online module to teach the concepts, then direct the learner to play the CD tracks on their stereo system.

Hope this helps.

Ho-Jung Kang

Hi Brian,

that was the solution i found too after posting this question. I seens to work great except that i have a lot of files that i have to rename. :(

But Articulate should consider to have at least an option to use stereo files. I find with todays technology it should be not a big issue with data size.



Ho-Jung Kang

Hi Bob,

that sounds very interesting. I work at an Art school and i try to teach all of them (not only the musicians or sound guys) to appreciate good sound and music and how music does have an influence on moving pictures. I think this is important for all kinds of artists using sound in their work.

And the concept was to have an easy interactive system. Of course the sound would be better with a CD.