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Oct 24, 2013

Why is there no option for a thumbnail view??

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Ian Scott

I put in a feature request - this are my thoughts.


Love the new Presenter 13 but two clients have strongly rejected the lack of thumbnails.

A number of reasons:

  • People are visual learners and a thumbnails is much easier to locate than words.
  • Menus can have the same title - again difficult to locate a file - you can rename them BUT this is rapid authoring and a thumb allows multiple slides with the same name. and still be navigable.
  • Better looking - thumbs add colour and movement (I disagree with that one BUT these people are paying me)
  • The best argument was - if you have a slide with voice over and you leave a sound gap the learner might move on before it is finished - we also show a 'More Info' button at the end (sometimes) - the thumb tells the student they are going to get this.

There you go - can't upgrade till we have thumbs :(

Kevin Thompson

We would still love to see the Thumbnail menu added back to Presenter '13... and would also love to see it as an option (not a default) in Storyline.  Visual learners and those returning to a learning object for reference would greatly benefit from this view. 

Please bring it back!  Thanks.    (I've submitted my feature request.)

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