360 'PUBLISH TO LMS' Output: sidebar videos and .swf files flashing huge dead pixels(?) every few seconds - this didn't happen in Presenter '09

Apr 13, 2017


I'm experimenting with Presenter 360, working with video and .swf files that have always looked 'fine' when they were part of Presenter '09 output.
Instead with 360, here's what I'm seeing:
Normal running video (sidebar, upper left):

Then, this flashes every 3-4 seconds - extremely distracting/annoying:

Is there some Output setting in 360 I'm missing?  Do I have to do something else to the original video files?  It's the same result whether the video is .swf or .mp4, which leads me to think it's something to do with how 360 compiles for output and not the videos themselves(?)

NOTE: THIS ONLY SEEMS TO BE HAPPENING WHEN I "PUBLISH TO LMS."  Publish to CD, everything looks great and the videos play flawlessly.

Any feedback/insight would be most appreciated.

Thank you,



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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Brandon!

Thanks for your post! I see you also submitted a case (01055547), and my colleague Gren is working with you. It looks like you resolved the problem by adjusting your player to these settings:

  • Browser Size: Resize Browser to Fill Screen 
  • Player Size: Scale Player to Fill Browser Window 

Glad to hear you're up and running again! Good luck with the rest of your project, and let us know if you hit any more roadblocks along the way. 

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