Activate Attachments Selectively

Mar 03, 2013

Is there a means to have a PDF attached to a presentation but not allow the student to download it until the course is successfully completed?

I have a student who claims to have successfully completed the course but AO reports no activity for that student.

Student claims to have the downloaded document in hand to Fax it to me later. 

So on the Presenter side of the fence, I'm thinking don't let that attachment be downloaded until successfully done. At least this way student could not have received blank document from a colleague (prevents gaming the system)

TIA ... Bill

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Bill Finnerty



Never gave that pathway a thought & on the surface seems like it will work just fine - will try it to see.

Course is successfully completed hen the final slide presentation is completed.

Now that makes me wonder is there some way to print a serial number on teach print of the PDF form so that when a student submits a signed copy of the form, it will have a unique number printed on the form - probably something like a numerical form field that increments each time the PDF is opened/printed,whatever - I don't need to account for all numbers, I just think I want each form to be uniquelyidentified to assist in making it more difficult for a student to game the system. I know this is PDF file related and notPresenter but maybe, just maybe someone can point me in the right direction.

TIA ... Bill

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