Adding a course exit button from the back end

Mar 06, 2013


I was wondering if someone could help me out with a conundrum.

We currently have a number of courses we are supplying a client, the courses run on our LMS without an exit button - the LMS handles that with its own exit button.

However the clients LMS opens the course in a new window and requires the course to have an exit button in order to report to the LMS.

So after the long winded intro my question is this:
Is there a way we I can add some sort of exit button from the back end which reports course status to their LMS? As republishing this number of courses would be lets say, time consuming.



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Dennis Hall

Hi Jake:

The cmi function to complete a course is complete() for SCORM1.2 and completed() for SCORM2004.

The method used to force a completed status in a SCORM compliant LMS is LMSCommit().

You can see this information in the LMS.js file of your published output.

You can use this information to exit and finalize your course in the LMS by creating abutton for it in teh course, or in the host window.

Hope this helps,

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Jake Hurt

Thanks for your prompt reply and help.

I tried to use the above functions to fix the problem but i couldnt get my head around it.

My solution was to change our exam from the backend so that it closes the window on pass/fail. This reports to the LMS and then calls Goodbye.html

I then changed configuration.js to call Goodbye.swf instead of Goodbye.html and designed a nice end slide informing the user the courses is complete.


sandie coco

Thanks for posting Dennis.

I'm using Articulate Presenter. I have a course that is set to be complete when 5 slides are viewed. In order to show the learner that the course is done, I put an End of Course slide in there. I can either add text that says to click the Exit button at the top right or add a button on the slide itself that the user can click to exit the course. Normally I have a quiz at the end of my courses so I'm new to using Slides Viewed as the LMS Complete/Incomplete. I know I could insert a quiz to get around this but I'd prefer to learn another way to Exit a course without a quiz.

Dennis Hall

Hi sandie:

To ensure I understand correctly...

  1. You know the Presenter Player Template has an Exit button available, however, (assumtion starts here) you do not want the user to exit until the slides have all been viewed.
  2. Once the user has viewed all teh slides, you want to allow the user to gracefully Exit the course.
  3. This is to be used on an LMS.

If the 3 items above are Yes, then you will need to have a button that will submit your course usage information (known as suspend data) to the LMS then close the window.

In this case, the good news is that you can do this via Slide properties in the Articulate ribbon of PPT.

To remove the Exit button, you set the Change view selection to Slide Only for all the slides you want them to view.


This will remove the navigation, notes, thumbnails, logo, etc. from your player as well.


If you want to keep all the player stuff and still only have the Exit button on the last slide, you will need to Mode 1 or 2, next you can use the attached Exit button (courtesy of Brian Houle @ on your last slide.

I hope this helps.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

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