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Apr 23, 2014

Hi there, 

I tried to attach a video as a resource in Articulate Presenter (selecting and uploading the file, not from a URL), but after I published, when I clicked on the resource, it began to download the file instead of playing it as a pop-up in the same browser. It still played but only after the user had gone to their downloads and clicked on the video.

I tried a work around and tried to put the video into a QuizMaker file so that it would play like a typical quiz but just with one question, which worked well except I can't figure out a way to insert the QuizMaker file as a resource! The best I can do so far is make it a tabbed interaction at the top of the screen which is not where my audio directs the users to go to view the video.

There MUST be a simple way to have a video pop-up from the resources drop down...

Suggestions? Help please!

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Casey and welcome to the community!

Correct, when you attach any type of file to Resources, learners will have the ability to download that file. Now, PDF files and some other documents are supported in browsers, so they work around the "rules" - which is great, until you actually want learners to download the PDF file without extra work.

One option would be to upload the video to a web page and add the URL to the Resources. 

Can you tell us a little more about the video and why you don't want this inserted into a slide in your project? Is it just a video that isn't related to any content in your slides (maybe extra company info, etc.)? If you're not set on using Resources, you could hyperlink to a hidden slide that contains the video - you could even have the video play in a new window if you'd like. 

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