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Brian Batt

Hi Kulari & welcome to Heroes,

Did you upload the published content online or are they just viewing the content locally on their machine?  Depending upon the type of web object that you're using, you may have mixed zone content (local content mixed with online content).  By default, some browsers restrict viewing mixed zone content and may cause your web object to be blank.  I'd recommend uploading your content online for testing.

One workaround you can try is to open your player.html file in a text editor & remove line 4:

<!-- saved from url=(0014)about:internet -->

Kulari Lokuge

Thanks Brian,

It is much better on the LMS.

I have another issue now, when loaded to the LMS(Blackboard) it sits in the middle of the web page leaving a strip on the top and at the bottom to be blank, have tried making the PP "resize browser to optimal size with lock presentation at optimal size" with out much luck. Really appreciate a suggestion.


Brenda Vanderwerp

We are in the process of creating some online test simulations for students (K-12) by using Storyline. We can insert web objects but we are challenged by how to include text font editing (Bold, underlined, left justified, right justified, increase/decrease font, etc.) tool bar so that when students type in their responses (short answers and essays) they have this toolbar available for use. A text entry box with the menu options for rtf text editing.

Has anyone ever done this? We could use some assistance on how to do this. Thank you!

Jeff Sale

Has anyone ever gotten a web object to work on Blackboard? When I try to add a web object of a URL it always pops up the security: Allow Active X content? When I press yes, it closes out the training window completely. We are restricted to using IE 9 due to our client, I don't know if that could be causing this error though. 

Gayla Keesee

Got this response in the Blackboard MVP forum:

Are the external websites SSL-encyrpted (HTTPS) or not? Pretty much all data inside of Blackboard is SSL-encrypted, and recent versions of most web browsers will block "mixed mode" pages trying to display non-SSL data inside of an SSL-encrypted page.