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Jun 13, 2019

Hi there - 

I am wondering if anyone would be willing to share advice/best practices for how you are managing seats to your Articulate 360 subscription.

We don't employ instructional designers or people solely dedicated to creating content, but we have employees in various roles across the company that end up with a need to create training internally to share with their team, plant, function, etc. These people are usually SME's working on a particular project, or training specialists dedicated to a specific manufacturing facility.

In the past, we've offered the older version of Articulate Presenter, which was nice because it was just the one time cost, and the familiarity of PowerPoint made the program pretty easy to pick up, even for non-L&D professionals. But, with the upcoming retirement of Flash Player and the limitations of published content from Presenter 13 playing across all browsers, we feel that we should be guiding employees to the more modern version of the software.

Which brings me to my question (finally - ha ha), is anyone in a similar scenario where they have employees needing an e-learning tool on a project/ short-term basis, rather than ongoing? It doesn't make a ton of sense for different plants/functions to all invest year-over-year in the tool, when typically it's needed in more one-off scenarios. I know a benefit of Teams is being able to transfer seats, but there are limitations. Wondering if anyone has worked through this with success and could share your experience? Thank you in advance! 

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Elizabeth Kuhlmann

Hi Kelsey!  This is a great question that I think a lot of folks have.  With the teams plan, you're entitled to transfers up to two times the number of total seats in your subscription.  Here's the language from the termsshould an Articulate 360 Teams user no longer require use of Articulate 360 Teams, the administrator may reassign such usage rights to a new Articulate 360 Teams user, so long as the maximum number of Articulate 360 Teams users (for whom licenses have been purchased) is not exceeded; and so long as the transfers are to support employee turnover or user role changes whereby the user no longer requires access to the Services and the number of total user transfers within a 360 Teams account in a 12-month term does not exceed 2X (two-times) the number of purchased seats within the subscription.

Basically that means that if you have, for example, a 3 user team, you can do up to 6 transfers on that team across all of your seats in the 12 month period, even if some users remain steady and another user seat gets transferred multiple times.  I hope that helps!

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