Animate text by letter not working

Dec 12, 2011


I'm losing a certain text animation when publishing in Presenter 09.

I'm using PowerPoint 2010 and am using the 'animate text by letter' option in the 'appear' animation for a group of text.  I have the timing set to .1 second between each letter.  It looks perfect in Slideshow mode but when I publish, it loses this animation completely.  The entire group of text appears at one time.

The text is simulating a robot speaking, so I really need this animation to work


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Christina Co

Hi Ben, 

While Presenter supports the vast majority of PowerPoint animations, it does not support them all.  And unfortunately, animate text "by letter" is one of those unsupported animations.  

For a list of supported animations, please see: 

Presenter '09: 

Other resources:

You can refer to our online documentation here regarding syncing your animation timings with your audio here: 

Presenter '09:

If you are experiencing issues with your animations a good place to start would be to refer to this blog entry here: 


Christina Co

Articulate Product Specialist, Asia

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