PPT animations not converting properly

Mar 26, 2013

Good day,

I am having an issue with some animation timing I am trying to accomplish.

My slides have a blackboard background image. I have chosen a script font, and the "Fade" animation on each seperate bullet/point/paragragh. I am able to lengthen the time of the fade,  (from .5 secs to 5 secs, and more) and this will show properly when published.

My problem is as follows. When I choose the text that is to fade in, go into "Effect Options", I can choose to "Animate text" "All at once/By word/By letter", and extend the time delay between each. When viewed in PPT Slideshow mode, it gives a nice effect as if it was being written instead of just appearing. The problem is, when published, all of that costumization is missing, and all I am left with is the fade with any "Duration delay" I may have incorporated.

Is there something I'm missing, or will Articulate not convert all animation option/customizations?

Thanking you ahead of time for any help.

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