Presenter '13 Animation Issues

Nov 12, 2015

Hi All,

I am using PowerPoint 2010 and Presenter '13 to make a presentation. One slide has 20 animations. Of these, 18 are enter/exit animation combinations. It fades in, waits two seconds, and floats down (exit).

Knowing that Presenter doesn't support ON-CLICK animations, all of them are timed using AFTER PREVIOUS and WITH PREVIOUS. The file is located on the computer, not on a network. I checked to make sure that my animations (Fade In, and Float Down) are supported, and it looks like they are; I also check the transition (Wipe Left) for supported capability and it looks like it is. When I preview the sequence in PowerPoint, it progresses through the entire slide without issue. I checked Slide Properties, and I don't see anything there. Other slides' animations are working normally.

Here's the issue: When I publish the presentation into Presenter, and get to this slide, the animation sequence stops when it gets to the sixth animation. Here's the sequence:

Text box (fade in) - after previous (0)

Picture (fade in) - with previous

Group 1 (fade in) - after previous

Group 1 (float down) - after previous; 2-second delay

Group 2 (fade in) - after previous 

Group 3 (fade in) - after previous  (Sequence stops here; group fades in, but does not exit)

Group 2 (float down) - after previous; 2-second delay

Group 3 (float down) - with previous; 2-second delay (This animation and the one before it happen at the same time)

Group 4 (fade in) - after previous

Group 4 (float down) - after previous; 2-second delay

Group 5 (fade in) - after previous

Group 5 (float down) - after previous; 2-second delay

Group 6 (fade in) - after previous

Group 6 (float down) - after previous; 2-second delay

Group 7 (fade in) - after previous

Group 7 (float down) - after previous; 2-second delay

Group 8 (fade in) - after previous

Group 8 (float down) - after previous; 2-second delay

Group 9 (fade in) - after previous

Group 9 (float down) - after previous; 2-second delay

I tried changing the sequence order, deleting the animations and re-assigning them, and just plain deleting them, but it still gets stuck after the sixth one.

Any ideas?


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jeff!

How long is your slide length? Is there 'time' to accomodate your animations? Just my first thought.

As you can see here in our documentation on presenter options, the default is set to 5 seconds if there is no audio/video. The slide length will adjust to length of audio/video if present on slide.

We typically recommend utilizing the sync animation tool as well.

Jeff Mallory

This is interesting...

I just opened the Sync Animations tool. Slides 2-5 all have animations, and have display of, No animations on this slide, and the standard duration of 5 seconds. (The slide of discussion is slide 5.) However, all of the other slides in the presentation with animations properly display, Press 'Start Sync' to sync animations.

What could be causing these first five slides to be this way?

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