Can't sync animations properly

May 20, 2011

I guess the easiest way to explain my issue is to say what actually happens and what should happen.

A slide has 3 bullets set to "Fade in" on the click of a mouse.  When trying to Sync Animations:

- "Start Sync" button: First bullet fades in (audio should start but no animations should happen)

- "Next Animation" button: Second bullet fades in (first bullet should fade in)

- "Next Animation" button: Third bullet fades in (second bullet should fade in)

- "Next Animation" button: Slide changes to next slide in sequence (third and last bullet should fade in)

I know I can go into Audio Editor and manually move the "clicks" but why won't the other way work?  This has happened many times before and it just seems to target slides at random.  Does anybody know what's happening?


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Scott Johnson

Apologies - misread.

We've had problems before where voiceovers have dropped out of packages.  

If animations have been set to On Click, they need to be resync'd.

We've started to use After Previous, and just work out the correct timings for delays.  Means you don't need to resync.

I know this isn't your current issue, but it's a foolproof workaround if necessary.

Dwayne Schamp

My 2 cents:

Personally, I don't use the Synch Animations tool, I find I have to go in and tweak more often than not, and have lost my PPTA file more than once. I do all my animations with the advanced timeline while using an audio editor i can see seconds and 10th seconds on ( Soundbooth, Goldwave, Audacity).

This also seems to time out better on different machines (older/newer) where the SyncAnimations sometimes were off depending on network traffic and processing power.

FYI @Scott: the On Click is what you set the animations to in the Custom Animations window. Each one of those is then timed out to the clicks in the SynchAnimations window.  You can only see this in Preview Mode, if you click the Play in the animation window, it will show you each click as it would in normal PPT view.


Thanks for all of the replies.  We nearly redid the entire presentation to no avail, double checking every sync command, bullet property, etc...everything looked correct but sync animations was still not functioning properly.  I figured out a work-around and thought I'd post it here in case someone else has a similar issue!

On every affected slide, I added in a small, invisible square shape.  I set it as the first animation and made it "start with previous" using the "fade in" animation (probably can use any animation).  In the animation pane, this put the square in the "0" position.

When syncing animations, the program would auto-start the invisible square and then allow me to click through the rest of the animations like I wanted.  

Justin Grenier

I'm really sorry you're running into this problem, Rob.

I see that you've been in contact with our Support Team on this, and that Jayem provided you with a link to this article.

Did this help to resolve the problem?  If not, please be sure to let Jayem know right away.  He'll likely ask you to upload a copy of your file so that he can perform some additional troubleshooting.  Thanks!

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