Sync animation issue.

Apr 04, 2011

Hi all,

I'm running into a problem syncing animations in Articulate Presenter '09 and am currently at a loss of what to do next. Maybe someone else has ran into this issue and can give me some insight. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Powerpoint 2007, Articulate Presenter '09 w/ Update 8, Windows 7, Parallels 5, Macbook Pro (Snow Leopard)


Slides contain simple Powerpoint animations (fade in / fade out set to on click)

Audio (mp3) imported in using "Import Audio" in Articulate tab

Audio synced to animations using "Sync Animations" in Articulate Tab


These seem like 2 independent problems, but both stem from trying to sync the animations with imported audio.

The first issue I encountered was during sync, it would play through all of my on-click animations without hitting "next animation" in toolbar. When you click "next animation," the slide would jump forward to the next slide in the presentation while continuing to play the audio for the previous slide.

Second issue I encountered (in same file) was animations and audio appeared to sync properly when inside the "sync animations" pop-up window, but would lose its sync once published.


Here's what I tried to fix the problem.

  • Rebooted computer / Parallels / Powerpoint
  • Reinstalled Articulate Presenter w/ Update 8
  • Removed and reimported audio
  • Removed and reinserted animated images
  • Republished using current player / template settings
  • Republished using a default player/ template setting
  • Recut audio to remove any excess silence in voiceover
  • Created new "test" file and issue carries over

Besides this issue, the program seems to run fine. Since the issue seems to not be associated with the particular file and Articulate Presenter '09 was reinstalled, I'm wondering if there could be a corrupted file that has been cached somewhere on my machine. I know that templates and color schemes are buried in hidden folders. Is there something similar that is hidden that might not get caught in a re-install that could cause this?

Again, thanks ahead of time for any help to resolve this issue.

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Brian Batt

Hi Pete & welcome to Heroes,

If you are experiencing unexpected issues with your animations, annotations, the audio editor, or others, the issues may be related to your Regional Language Settings in a non-English Windows environment. Alternatively, if you do have an English installation of Windows, your Regional Language Settings could still be incorrect in rare instances. 

For more information on how to correct your Regional Language Settings, please see the KB article in the link below:

If you continue to have issues, please try repairing your installation of Office.  Then, fix your normal.dotm file by using the method described in the link below:

After that, restart your computer & try to replicate the issue.  If you still have problems, be sure to follow the best practices for using Parallels with Articulate:

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