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Aug 29, 2012

When I try to sync animations nothing happens. I thought perhaps I was doing something wrong so I went back to the basics and did the tutorial on sync animations. That does not work for me either. So, there is something wrong.

I'm using a simple fade. I click sync to sync the animations. The audio file is there, the number of animations flashes when when I click the sync button but the slide does not play and neither does the audio. The sync button does not change to next animation, it stays at Start Sync.

I researched all possible issues and finally I submitted a ticket on this issue. However, that was useless. Tech support doesn't read the messages you send, they just see the topic and reply with canned messages that contain links regarding the topic.

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Michelle Allegretti

I am not trying to be harsh - I am very frustrated. I've received 4 responses with links I've already read.  Finally someone asked for the file. However, the tutorial file does not work so viewing my file won't help.

All animations are set to On Click. I'm thinking there is some other obscure setting that's been missed.

Adrian Dean

Hi Michelle,

There isn't any obscure setting that's been missed. The file you sent me worked perfectly fine for me. I went over it to make sure there wasn't anything out of the ordinary and I was able to sync animations on a few slides with no issue.

Have you taken a look at the email I sent yesterday? I had noticed you had sent an email about the same time I was composing it and provided information about what Windows and Office you were using. Thank you for that.

Always Happy to Help,


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