Custom Animations not playing while trying to sync

Jul 21, 2011

Hello Everyone,

I've look through the site for a very long time and couldn't find a topic about my specific question so i decided to create one.

When i would go to sync animations. Articulate would then pull the new screen with the start sync button where you then click next animation while the audio plays to sync everything.

now however when I go to it, all of the animations are already on the screen and when you continue to click the next animation button the animations dont play.

It does however record the timing for the animation so its fine if when i publish it and its not a big issue for small slides with not much on it, but when working with a slide that has 30+ animations it makes it impossible to see whats going on or to remember where you are.

I did just get an adobe suite installed on my computer that came with adobe presenter and this has just started since the install however i have not been able to find a fix and im not sure if the other software install is causing the issue or not.

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