Animation Issue

May 19, 2011

Hi all -

I am new to Articulate, and am having an issue with animations. I have created a slide where four objects appear in sequence one right after the other. Then after a delay, they all fade out - I have three of the animations set for "With Previous." It works fine when I play the animation in PowerPoint. However, when I preview the slide in Articulate Presenter, the first object fades out prior to the other three. (The first object is set for On click.)

Am I missing something here? Any suggestions would be helpful.

Thanks! And yes, this is my first post!


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Chris Fletcher

On Click animations as a default will run after 5 seconds in an Articulate presentation as the On Click function doesn't work in Articulate.

The best way to make sure your animations work how you want them to is to set them as with previous/after previous and set the timings yourself. You can also use the synch animation feature in the Articulate ribbon that allows you to decide when they run in the slide by running the slide and clicking to trigger each one. I've not used this much so can't really tell you any more, but it's worth having a play with


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