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Aug 19, 2011


I've got animations setup in my ppt file.  The first animation on my slides is set to 'on click'.  When I go to 'sync animations' in articulate and I start syncing, the first animation appears automatically and not when I click on 'next animation'.  The timing ends up being slightly off for the first animation.   Not a big deal except when I publish the course the timing on all the slides are off significantly.  

I have tried deleting the custom animations from the slide and then reapplying the animations but still the same syncing problem.

I have built several courses already without any issue so I am at a loss as to what to do.

Thanks for the help!


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Frederic Chaplin


if you found some solution for this issue, and eventually the cause ot this, i'm interested. 

We use Articulate daily, and this issue happen sometimes. We solved it by erasing all masks and rebuilding them. 
This solution is a time-costing one...

Could I send you our last bugged powerpoint ? Maybe it could help fininding the cause of the issue ?    

s r

Hi Frederic,

I was told that it is a known issue and that there are 2 work arounds:

1.  Change the master slide and redo all the syncing. Then re-apply the original master slide template.

2.  Change the design template and redo all the syncing.  Then re-apply the original design template.

Neither was ideal in my case as I had a lot of custom details.  I ended up changing the master slide.  Still took me time to redo all my syncing.  

Hope this helps.

Frederic Chaplin

And you have no idea about the cause of this bug ? We tried to find out how it could happen, but all we have are only suspicions : 

- The Arial Narrow font was used on all our bugged PPT;

- It happen after a crash of Articulate, with the sync ongoing;

- someone here told that bullet points could be part of the cause. 

Did you use Arial Narrow on your bugged project  ? 

s r

I don't know what the cause is.  I was not using Arial Narrow or any other type of Arial as my font.  

My 1 course was made up of 10 separate ppt files each with the same template and font style and the first 6 modules were fine but the last 4 were all messed up.  I copied over a master slide from one of the ppt files that worked just fine and applied it to the bugged ppt files.

nina alex

THANK you Selena for your post on August 30th. Creating a new Master Slide then deleting the first Master Slide definitely fixed this problem.

Thank you Justin for finding the solution. My timeline did not permit me to send my PPT to Articulate's staff to troubleshoot even though the staff is quick to resolve. I needed to resolve this over the weekend and have it ready to upload into our LMS first thing on Monday.

Thank you again so much!


San Antonio

Steve Jones

Is there  a solution now besides adding invisible objects? Kind of a hassle to add that to each slide.

I've used Articulate for a good while and have never had this issue. I have recently upgraded to PPT 2010 - could that be part of the issue? I did notice when  I went to Task Manager, Articulate Annotation Translucency was also running, even though I wasn't doing any annotations.

Thanks, Steve.

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