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Jul 24, 2014

Would you have a new list of Animations for Flash and HTML5 in Update 3. Also, When including an Engage project in presenter as a slide, are able to allow the user to continue with the course without going through all the Engage slides?


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Tim Danner

Regarding your second question, when you're inserting an interaction, under Interaction Properties select At Any Time in the drop-down menu for Allow User to Leave Interaction. If you've already inserted the interaction, click on the Edit Properties control on the slide placeholder in PowerPoint to access the Interaction Properties.

Ke Lo

Tim & Leslie,

Thank you both for the quick reply. Regarding the animations, I was curious if there were any new ones.

Regarding the Engage Interaction, Tim suggested the steps and Leslie said it has been corrected. I have an Engage Interaction the properties are set as Tim mentioned. Here is what's happening, the user gets to the Engage Interaction and is forced to go through all the frames within the interaction before the "Next" button will take the user to the next slide. Setting the Interaction property to allow the user to leave anytime only allows the user to go to the previous slide.

I had hopes Articulate would bring back the optional button for Engage Interactions to allow them to continue with the course as was in '09. Any thoughts on how to accomplish this?

Tim Danner

Sounds like the Prev/Next Player Buttons Go To in Interaction Properties is what you need. In the drop-down menu, change that to Slide in the Presentation. The Next button then will advance the user to the next slide, not the next item in the interactive. By default, it's on the setting for stepping through the interaction using the Next button.

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