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Hello all,

I have a powerpoint that I'm trying to convert with presenter.  The problem is, when I publish, my videos don't play any longer.  If I don't have it fade in, it will be on the slide before I want it to be there.  But if I do that, it won't autoplay, as far as I can tell, so I have to have two animations on it.  Now when I publish it, all I see is the fade in with a paused video.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Ashley,

What type of video are you using and how was it inserted? Are you trying to use PowerPoint animations, or the fade in/out options from the "Playback" ribbon? 

It sounds like you're using separate animations on the video. You may want to take a quick look at the supported PowerPoint animations, just to ensure there are no additional animations on the slide or video that may be conflicting with this. 

Articulate Support - Supported PowerPoint Animations

Christine Hendrickson


Sorry I didn't respond sooner, thread subscriptions are acting a little funny at the moment.

Are you able to share the video here, so I can try it out? I know you just submitted a different file not too long ago, if you need to keep this one private you're welcome to send it in another case or in addition to the one you just sent in.