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Jan 19, 2012

I may be snookered herebut I was just playing around with some 'Video Tools' for some video I imported into powerpoint (2010) but when I publish the project the videos don't so anything. Am I to assume that video imported into powerpoint doesn't play in Presenter?

This would be a shame considering how much, effects wise, you can do to video in powerpoint (3D rotation, frames, shapes, multiple playing videos) compared to to what you can do with Presenter (not much really). I create online modules so I need Presenters publish to LMS feature.

The end result I am going for is to have tabs/hyperlinks that play a smaller version (as in scaled down) of the video they link to... I also got carried away and made a cube that plays the same video simultaneously on all visible sides which is pretty cool but as yet has no function... and then there was the smiley face made of videos - but anyway can someone let me know if I can get video's imported into PowerPoint to play when published in Presenter.


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James Brandwood

So are you saying videos imported into PowerPoint  don't work when published through Articulate?

and yes I realise that is how you can import video into Presenter but as I mentioned above, you can do so much more with video in PowerPoint 2010 so I was hoping there was a way around Presenters limitations.

I guess I will do the same work-around I had to use when I wanted to use slide transitions and use PowerPoint to export the Movie Tabs I have made, using the 'create a video' feature. see -https://player.vimeo.com/video/12760233 (Thanks for that link Tom)

Then import the video into Articulate video Encoder - crop the video to just include the tabs (I guess your limited to having the tabs all together in one spot) then convert the video to flv and insert them into your demonstration. If you want to make a shape (like the cube I made with video on all sides) make sure you use the same background so you don't notice the bits you couldn't crop around the shape.

Then put some transparent shapes over the videos and make them hyperlinks and you get you video tabs.

It will use up your one video for that slide for presenter but if you make your demonstration video open in a new window you'll be fine and not limited by the dimensions limitations on Powerpoint slides.

The shame of it is that and you won't be able to make the videos loop like you can in PowerPoint so eventually they will stop playing if someone stays on the slide awhile and at this stage it seems like most of my slides in Presenter are made up of video's exported from PowerPoint because presenter can't do a lot of good visual stuff that Powerpoint can.

Let me know if you have an easier way anybody as mine does take awhile.

Duane Knudsen

You've got to be kidding... spent 2 hours trying to figure out why an inserted .mp4 file would not play when published (in Preview it worked just fine). After converting to different formats and pulling my hair out, just found this thread.

Phil, such a simple thing to insert from the Articulate tab. Worked perfect. I wonder why there would be such a difference between the PPT insert and Articulate insert.

CRAZY! But thanks Phil!!!

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