Annotations in Presenter


Was exploring on Presenter '13 and found a new feature (I think it's new compared to Presenter '09) and found this interesting feature called Add Annotations.

However, after adding a few annotations as a trial, I realise that the 'Clear All' doesn't clear the annotations.

I have to re-record the annotations again and this time not insert any annotation for me to remove the ones previously added.

Is there any other more intelligent way to remove these added annotations?


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Mike Taylor

Hi Keith! One way to remove existing annotations is to click the Start Annotation button and then immediately click the Stop Annotation button before any of the existing ones appear. That will remove all previously added annotations from the current slide without having to  play it all the way through to the end. 

Annotations were also available in Presenter '09 . 

That "Clear All" button is for use during the annotation sequence when you use the "Show All" setting that allows multiple annotations to appear on the screen at the same time. (They accumulate instead of disappear when the next one appears.)   The clear all button clears the previously added annotations at a specific time.