Any Known Issues with Slide Only View?

Hi everyone. I am not a fan of how players look, so when I have built my last few courses I have disabled the controls and opted for 'Slide Only'. To give learners control over where they go, I have made use of hyperlinks to create home keys and menus pages that I have built into the design of the courses. (One reason why I love the new 'states' function in the new Storyline ... you can create some nifty 'response' actions.) 

One thing I have noticed, however, is when I activate the 'pick up where you left off' functionality, returning to the course can cause the screens to get into a guddle, and the hyperlinks don't take me where I have set them up to go to. Clearing the browser cache sorts this out, but I don't want to have to do this every time (and I certainly don't want learners to either). Has anyone else had this issue?

Also, none of my courses have been in an LMS yet. Given the 'guddle' issue above, I am now wondering if this causes any problems with LMS reporting. (I don't have one, so can't test this.) Again, if anyone has encountered this, I would be grateful of any advice. 

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Justin Wilcox

Hi James.

Resume works off of a cookie when viewing outside of an LMS. If you have a larger course, you may need to right lick the presentation and adjust your local flash storage to unlimited to get the resume to function correctly. An LMS isn't limited by a cookie so you would not experience that. You might experience an issue if your LMS is SCORM 1.2 and places a limit on the amount of data it allows for the resume functionality.

James McLuckie

Thanks for those responses, Justin and Peter.

Peter, a member of Articulate staff has already looked at the files and thinks they are fine, so I just thought I would check if anyone had the same issue. Many thanks for the offer, though. 

Justin, that's very helpful background info. I shall try that next time I publish. 

Have a lovely weekend, both of you.