API Error with IE - OK w/ Firefox


I am receiving the old 'Unable to aquire LMS API error' when attempting to launch a SCORM package in Moodle 2.0.2 (error dump attached)

I get this with IE8, but it load fine with Fire Fox.  I have the most recent Flash installed and updated Java (if that makes a difference)

Any idea on why I would get this with one browser and not the other?



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Brian Batt

Hi Dave,

If you receive an "Unable to acquire LMS API" error when launching Articulate content in your LMS, this may be caused by the version of Java that you have installed.

Some LMS’s use a Java API object to load content.  Since content created in Articulate does not require Java, please do the following:

*  Contact your LMS provider and ensure that your installed version of Java is compatible with the version of the LMS you are using.

*  Ensure that you have published your content properly as described in the following article:


If this issue persists, make the following modification to your player template, and test your content again:

1)  Open your presentation in PowerPoint.

2)  Go to Articulate > Player Templates.

3)  Select the "Other" tab.

4)  Deselect (uncheck) "Launch presentation in new window".

5)  Close the Player Template manager, and save the change when prompted.

6)  Publish your presentation for LMS using the newly saved player template, and test the content in your LMS.

Jason Poirier Lavoie


We use Moodle as an LMS and out of 100 learners, we might have 2-3 participants experiencing this (none of our staff do, so it's hard to troubleshoot). I have searched the Moodle forums and many of them refer back to this post. Is there anyone who knows what are the accurate Java settings for Articulate/Moodle?



Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon Kristina, and welcome to Heroes!

Java is actually not used at all by content created in Articulate products, so any Java issue that you are experiencing is owned wholly by your LMS.

I know that Moodle Support is limited, but I do see a Full-Service Moodle Partner in Canada that you could perhaps try speaking with.  Phil Mayor seems to be our resident Moodle expert within the Articulate Community, so perhaps he may have some ideas as well!

Jason Poirier Lavoie

Thanks Justin. I appreciate the quick response and the warm welcome. 

So you now, I ran all our Captivate Modules through Reload SCORMto test them and they come out golden, so I know it's not our SCORM packaging. Also, this only happens to people using IE (the bane of my existence) which never plays nice with Moodle.

I used to work for a full-service moodle partner (which is no longer) and have always considered myself somewhat of an expert, but it looks like I'll be contacting some even bigger guns.

Again, thanks for your help!