Arrows ar not appearing on Publish

Jan 11, 2021

I have slide that have Arrows appear over Images.  During the slide progress some of the images change and the arrows point out different items on the image.   When I preview, all works fine.  When I publish, most arrows to no show, though they are actually there but behind the images...  this is very confusing and I have rebuilt the slide multiple times.   I did have this error a few years back and due to no responses I used my own arrows instead and animated them... Has there been a fix for this?  Cheers, Graham

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Katie Riggio

Greetings, Graham!

Thanks for those helpful clues, and I'm sorry for the trouble. Your description matches an open bug in Studio 360, where:

  • Arrows/annotations appear behind animated images

Because we froze development for Studio 360, we don't have plans to fix previously submitted bugs for this suite of apps unless they stem from operating system upgrades, browser updates, PowerPoint changes, or security vulnerabilities.

Let me know if any of these workarounds could fit your course. I'm happy to help!

  1. Select the Lock player at optimal size setting.
  2. Remove the animation on the image, if possible.