Articulate 09 Sync Animations across several slides

Sep 19, 2012

I have my audio start on slide 2 and I have about 15 different graphics that need to play through that audio.

I can:

A) pile all 15 graphics on top of each other on 1 slide & use sync animator - that works... but it's confusing to make chagnges to a specific graphic

B) PREFER to have 15 separate slides each with 1 graphic and use sync animator to load as needed.

When I use sync animations it allows me to get the next animation as long as it is on the same slide as the audio (slide 2).... but is there any way to transition to the next slide using sync animation?  The left / right slide arrow buttons are not active.  Am I doing something wrong????

I saw Jeanette's video about using sync animation but all her graphcs were on one slide... THANKS IN ADVANCE

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Peter Anderson

Hey Trudy, 

Option A will be your best bet if you need pinpoint control of your synced animations, but as you've found, you will only be able to sync one slide at a time. The other option would be to use a playlist that plays audio seamlessly across however many slides you wish. The drawback is that you won't be able to hear the audio when syncing your animations, and unless your presentation is set to locked and advance automatically navigation, you won't be able to control when the user advances to the next slide, and thus, you would lose the sync. 

Paul Kornman

I discussed this in an earlier post:

but I think it bears repeating:

When doing multiple animations in one PowerPoint slide, your best friends are the "Selection and Visibility" panel and the "Custom Animation" Panel.  Use the "Selection and Visibility" panel to rename your objects (and groups). If you (temporarily) make the objects invisible by clicking the "eyeball" icon, they disappear (temporarily) from the "Custom Animation" panel as well.

Use the "Custom Animation" panel to get the timings and effects for just one set of objects just right (one set at a time), then "Show All" in the "Selection and Visibility" panel and everything's back where it should be.

When you open the "Audio Editor", the "pins" should all be named with the first object in the animation. (NOTE: Sometimes when you replace sound files or move around the order of your objects, the label on the "pin" gets out of synch with the actual object. However, the first "pin" always goes with the first animation, the second "pin" with the second, and so on.)

Good luck,

Paul K.

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