Articulate 2013 - html5 - each publishing results the different appearance

Hello everyone,

Recently, I feel like we are getting to use html5 output more and more. We have a project with short 14 slides course and I am having trouble with having a consistent output.

There are issues that will be always found newly for every publishes and I am not sure what I can do about it.

For each publishing...

1. Superscript looks differently (of course it looks different than flash output ver. as well)

2. The graphic components are missing from time to time

3. Audio timing is slightly different

Is there anybody who was experiencing the same issue?

I tried another machine, but the same thing was happening. 

I have other questions:

-  Does Articulate 360 have a lot of improvements for html5 output?

- I've tried locking the player, but it doesn't solve the issue (well it looks better because it is not blurry)

- I have a large resolution for the slides, does it affect publishing?



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Soo!

Sorry to hear that you are having difficulty. 

Would you be able to share your Articulate Package for us to take a look at the issues you're sharing here?

The HTML5 has been completely re-done for Articulate 360. When you share your project, I could upgrade/publish for you to take a look at and compare.

Helen Eng

Hello, I found this thread because we am experiencing the same issues, so I hope I can get some advice.

We are using Presenter 13 and are publishing to HTML5 only. Since Flash is going away very soon, I started some testing by disabling Flash in both my IE 11 and Firefox to see if the SCORM will play the same way. There are a few differences, and one that I noticed was that a slide that has text that showed all the text with Flash ON, will suddenly be cut off a bit with Flash OFF. Why would that be the case? Is there a setting wrong? Or is this something where we'd just have to massage the data so the text box is smaller? This is happening either on the top, the bottom, or both, and the same in both IE and Firefox.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Helen!

Smart idea to plan for the end of Flash – that's on our radar, as well

Presenter '13 HTML5 output (with Flash off) is only supported in Google Chrome and Safari

If you turn Flash off in other browsers like Internet Explorer or Firefox, the Presenter '13 content may not work correctly. 

If you'd like to look at using Presenter 360, you can start a trial here. You'll be able to open your Presenter '13 courses in Presenter 360 and choose to publish for HTML5 only (or HTML5 with Flash fallback). 

Presenter 360 HTML5 output is supported in Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge (latest version), Google Chrome (latest version), Firefox (latest version), and Safari (latest version). 

Hope that helps!

Helen Eng

Hi Alyssa,

Thanks for the response. Unfortunately, only IE and Firefox are the browsers most compatible with our learning management system. Besides switching to Presenter 360, any other ideas that you can think of that we may change in the output area? Also, I'd like to see if someone can actually take a look at our output settings to make sure we are on the right track, would that be possible?

Thanks again in advance for any help given!


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Helen!

Because the Presenter '13 HTML5 output is only supported in Google Chrome and Safari, you'll want to view the Flash output in Internet Explorer and Firefox.

If those browsers begin to phase out Flash, they will no longer be supported browsers for viewing Presenter '13 content.

As long as your published folder contains the HTML5 output, you can be sure the content is viewable in Google Chrome and Safari.

We'd be happy to take a look at your output settings to be sure it contains HTML5. You can share one of your output files with our team by clicking here!